Full Legs and Underarms!!!       $69

The Royal Loyal Program!!

The Royal Loyal Program
MSI is pleased to welcome our high value and preferred customers, to our exciting new customer benefits program
The Royal Loyal Program!
This is our discount program that offers free membership and monthly discounts to our customers. Here is how it works:

– As a program member, you’ll receive 15% off every service every month.
– To maintain your member you have to come in monthly and receive your discount which will apply to any service(s) off our menu.
– As a program member you will receive your 15% discount on your entire ticket even when you order multiple services
– As a program member anytime you check in on Facebook or Yelp you receive an additional 5% off!
– Program members who skip a month will forfeit their membership and be charged our regular price(s).
– Customers whose membership have been forfeited would still receive 5% discount when they check in on Facebook or Yelp.


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